Cosplay Odyssey: Japan 2012

Off to Japan~

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Emily here, Team WCS UK’s organiser (i.e. the pack mule of the group). Laura and I set off for Japan on Thursday evening at Heathrow Airport. Since Lex lives in Norway she travelled to Japan separately.

We took a Korea airlines flight with one transfer in Seoul. Even though it was a long journey (20 hours!), we were looked after well by the staff who were so nice and helpful. The first thing we noticed when we arrived in Seoul was an Alice In Wonderland themed stand welcoming people to the airport. We just had to stop and take some photos (wow, we look tired).

We took a look round the duty free shops – there was a lot of manga on sale…

…as well as chocolates with photos of Korean actors.

We even found a cute Snoopy café.


Some of the goods in the airport were crazily expensive – check out the price tag on these ginseng pills!

Finally we got our transfer flight to Nagoya, where  we met up with the Chinese and Singaporean teams.

We couldn’t fit all their luggage in the photo! After loading all the boxes into the bus tetris style, we drove to the Nagoya International Hotel, where we met up with Lex and the rest of the teams.  We were surprised to see a display of past WCS costumes in the hotel lobby! I’ll try and post some photos of them later in the week.


One thought on “Off to Japan~

  1. Aw an Alice in Wonderland stand, that’s awesome. All that manga in duty free sounds like heaven xD Lol at all the luggage! Looks like they’re all moving there, not going for a competition :p

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