Cosplay Odyssey: Japan 2012

WCS 2012 Day 1 – Lottery and Welcome Party (part 2)

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After our adventure at Nagoya Airport, we went back to the hotel so that the representatives could change costumes for their second appointment – the Championship lottery draw! The lottery is a draw to decide in which order the teams will appear on stage at the World Cosplay Summit Championship (the final competition part of the summit).

The draw took place on an outdoor stage at Sunshine Sakae, a nearby shopping centre and party venue. I took a few pics while we waited backstage.

Each team was introduced on stage and drew balls out of a hat to determine their number. The presenter was this crazy guy called Joy Max. Nice outfit!

Team UK drew number 5 – this was unlucky, as the new start time means they will have to perform in daylight so it could cause some lighting problems. Hopefully all will go well on the day.

As we walked back to the hotel, the cosplayers drew a lot of stares from passers by. This wasn’t helped by a nearby group of men who were holding large signs advertising dodgy hostess bars – they decided to take advance of the fact that the cosplayers were drawing a crowd and started shouting loudly as we went by! This was also our first chance to see Nagoya at night – there were a lot of cool buildings and lights.

After changing at the hotel, we went back to Sunshine Sakae for the welcome party. There was free  plum wine, cake and even a magic show! We tried the umeshu (plum wine) which was delicious. All the teams exchanged gifts – we got so many cute presents aUnfortunately we didn’t have a chance to take any photos though. Lastly we found out the event at Nagoya Airport from earlier in the day was featured in Nissei Shimbun (a national newspaper). I wonder how they managed to get the issue out so quick?


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