Cosplay Odyssey: Japan 2012

WCS 2012 Day 1 – Nagoya Airport (part one)

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Today was the first day of the 2012 World Cosplay Summit! After an early morning start, we were driven to Nagoya Chubu airport so that Lex and Laura could take part in a stage event and photo shoot there.

The bus ride was the first time for many of the teams to meet each other but everyone was friendly, laughing and joking with each other – if you’re wondering who that gormless face belongs to, it’s Will from Team Australia, hehe.

Eventually we arrived at the airport. Everyone was so excited!

Lex and Laura changed into their costumes – March and Salsa from Eternal Sonata! I got a few sneaky pics backstage.

The teams were introduced on a big stage at one end of the airport. Team UK were interviewed together with fellow newcomers Russia and Indonesia. A huge crowd gathered to watch the show – it was hard to get a spot near the stage.!

After the show, a lot of families came up and asked for photos with March and Salsa. This little girl was so cute.

Next the teams were taken outside to the roof of the airport to get some photos in front of the airplanes, and were interviewed by Nissei Shimbun (a national newspaper). It was swelteringly hot – one of the Dutch representatives even singed her knee when she bent down to fix her costume!

It wasn’t just the WCS contestants who were in costume. Lots of Japanese cosplayers attended the event as well.

I was surprised to see several “dollers” and male-female crossplayers wandering around, even though we were, well, in the middle of an airport. This guy’s costume was pretty cool.


One thought on “WCS 2012 Day 1 – Nagoya Airport (part one)

  1. Lex and Laura’s cosplay outfits turned out amazingly brilliant. Awwwww to the kid they had a picture with ^^ super kawaii

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