Cosplay Odyssey: Japan 2012

WCS Day 9 – Osu Parade

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This was Team UK’s final day of taking part in official WCS activities. We got up early for a parade at Osu Kanon – one of the main shopping districts in Nagoya. Today was the Osu Kanon summer festival , and all the cosplayers paraded down the main street in front of thousands of people.  Once again, it was boiling hot and so crowded!


At this parade the organisers were allowed to take part in costume, too – I dressed as Sailor V and Paula, the Mexican organiser, took part as Chun Li from Street Fighter.

The parade ended at Osu Kanon buddhist temple, where all the representatives took a big group photo.

In the afternoon we were driven to a cosplay event at Sweets Castle, just outside Nagoya, where we had the chance to chat and make friends with local Japanese cosplayers. I’ll put up some photos from there later.

Finally we went back to our hotel in Sakae to chill out and enjoy some much needed rest. Tomorrow: Special Tour!

Photos copyright Mario Vargas/WCS Stage Mexico and Burmseon Lee/WCS Korea


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